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This was pretty good. I had an instant wave of nostalgia for throwback RPG titles like Star Ocean, Suikoden, and even some FF. I enjoyed the mix of pixelart and 3D Iso, as it seemed to work well. The storyline was somewhat cookiecutter to the standard vintage rpg, but then, that is what we love so much about those titles, so it wasn't necessarily a downside. :) Your battle system was solid and well developed, and I enjoyed the autolearn of new abilities through combat experience. It was like little Christmas presents each time I acquired a new one.

There's obviously room for polish here, especially around the skill tree. Given only 30 days, however, this is no huge upset. I'd also recommend some mini games to engage the player a bit more, and perhaps a way to more quickly fill your skill slots, so that you don't have to go through the monotony of clicking each one and waiting for the animation. Some more world exploration with non-linear points of interest would also go a long way to fleshing this out. Maybe consider a crafting mechanic, or something along those lines.

All in all, not a bad title. It reminds me a lot of my younger days, and that is always appreciated. I can't say that anything really stands out above your typical old school rpg, but again, if that is the intention, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Great job! Here is the Let's Play I completed for the game:

Thanks so much for the lengthy review and playthrough! Appreciate you and your feedback very much! :D