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Really loving this game and I've spent a lot of time just following the terrain with the tool. So relaxing and enticingly frustrating trying to figure out how the AI works and how to design around it. I've definitely spent more than enough hours into the game just enjoying it's relaxing nature.

Are there more levels available now? I feel like my game once loaded into a different level/map where the mountain(s) were different. If so, is there a way to select load into them?  Is that something that is going to be included in the next release? 

Anyways, great game, really enjoying it at this stage. Can't wait for the Kickstarter to launch. 

PS, is there any insight you can give off to what sort of runs each skier type wants/likes? The Slalomer is particularly puzzling to me. 

The next step for us will be to add some management elements, so the satisfaction part should become clearer. From what I remember, Slalomers are good skiers but enjoy easy slopes. So blue is the best for them but red is ok.

That explaines why my ratings are so low from them. I hardly had any blues!