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Thanks for putting this up here. I really enjoyed the demo of your game! 

I am really curious though - why the name Clocker? Why not watchmaker, timekeeper, something like that?

I'd also suggest you run it though some grammar checks before releasing on Steam, because unfortunately it's liable to be poorly received otherwise. Some people can't get past that for the story.


Hi, thank you for playing our game.

About the name Clocker, it not only refers to father, who is a real watchmaker, but also refers to daughter. The daughter is not a watchmaker, but she is doing things about her past time. (You can find some clues if you go through the true ending for the full release game) I managed to make the name to describe both. So I use a words which is not only describing a job.

And thank you for your advise about grammer. Since I'm not in an English speaking country, it is hard to avoid mistakes during translation. I will ask translators to go through the text again before releasing.

Best wishes.


Alright, I see then. Good luck with everything!