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It's gorgeous and the gameplay has so much potential. I'm excited to play the full release! If I could only make one suggestion (and it for all I know this might only be the case because I played a demo) but I died pretty quickly during my first encounter because of the swarm of enemies. In the full game, I'm hoping the difficulty ramps up more gradually, or maybe it would help so that all enemies in the mob have a chance of performing an action rather than all of them doing so.

Anyway, LOVED IT, and I'll be keeping a close eye on it!

Lovely to hear that!

Yeah, as said, the game right now has some problems of balancing (most of those are related to the monster population algorithm, which we are going to change completely very soon).

Also, we are going to fix problems related to large encounters (especially because normally they are too boring, or too exhausting).

Other than that, I am pretty happy to hear that you linked the game, and please, feel free to join us on Discord!

I joined! Looking forward to future updates 👍

Hey there! I'm super glad that you LOVED the game, it's been a while but I think that you are going to enjoy our huge status update

:) Best,