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Nailed the Gameboy style. Was fun and hilarious. Just a thing: The secret code part seems like a bit hard/unfair as someone already suggested. Actually the "getting a pizza" part could apply the same argument...

Final thoughts:

  • The crazy room theme is a masterpiece.
    • I actually want it as a ringtone for my phone xD
  • Are sleeping pills made of... cats?!

Good job!!


Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked the style and my absurd sense of humor :)

Yeah, that part was a bit confusing, the "man browsing a bookshelf" on the painting was the clue but the problem is that you got the hint before knowing what you needed it for... I felt like the pizza part was easy though I could've been a bit more clear by letting the player say if maybe they can order one somehow though that might be too obvious.

I'm really glad you liked that tune :D It's my first time making the soundtrack of a complete game!
Hmmm... maybe? :O


About the pizza part:

The telephone guide was, probably, the first thing you interact with in the game. This leads to a situation in which you don't remember it enough to associate it with Pizza delivery, but if you say something like "If I could order it somehow..." it would be totally clear.

What if... when the player interacts with the telephone guide the first time, lists some of the phones in it? Like... "A telephone guide, hm... plumber... food... mom.... but I don't even have a telephone."


Some people actually got it right away, it's a bit of a set up and pay off. I do think it could be fixed by adding that part to the dialog :)

I don't think that would help much unless you add "pizza delivery service" to it but I like the fix above more.