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Day 5 : Animations

Didn't have much time on this again today, so just squeezed in some animations for the fish. Wish I had more time to spend on them atm and fix them up, if there's any time left towards the end of the jam I would dearly love to be able to redo them all. Am yet to see how they hold up in-engine but I'm anticipating it'll give me a whole lot more things to note on what else needs to be corrected in the animations (especially for the moorish idol based one once attached to a moving gameobject), even at the small scale they'll be shown.

Next step I guess is to try and bang out the cormorant's animation soon as I'm awake next, am looking forward to the new challenge that will offer. :D

Just starting out on it, beginning with the wings, trying to get the sort of butterfly cycle that gannets use when swimming underwater:

Looking great! It's lovely how much character you've gotten out of so few polygons.