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Great concept, great music.
Would love to see a full game based on the concept "npcs are bullets"
haven't had the chance to make attepts to find multiple ending but I think (and hope) that there are a couple more than the obvious "shoot at the invaders"


I'd really like to expand! I'll release a cheap paid game with 2 or 3x the content.

There is one alternative ending! Just don't jump over the gate (it bugs the ending and I gotta patch that out).

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I had already tried jumping over everything since jump is totally OP (it could be thoroughly removed imho since it isn't required by the gameplay itself), but found nothing - I am trying a couple of times everyday, let's hope I can get the secret ending (i only got the "you could not enter" and "you could not save the village" which I assume are not the endings I am looking for)

PS I am really looking forward to your next paid release, in my opinion with a little bit more humor and funny dialogues with decisive choices, with more atmospherical enviroments and with the right plethora of music, this game has the potential to become something not only fun to play but also could deliver significant contrasting emotions. Don'tknow if you have played undertale but i think you have in your hands agreat "engine" to develop an exceptional adventure

PPS feel free to contact me through email/whatever, if you need to share your ideas or know anoter person's opiniona bout features etc, I'd be glad to help such a promising author