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Thank you for such a wonderful game! I spend about 2-3 days on it, I didn't really think I'd get too much into it because I'm a modern gal, but GODDESS did I love it! Not only was it extremely lengthy, detailed, and fun; I had fun with every ending!! And that says something because I usually avoid bad endings when it comes to visual novels, but not only did I enjoy the bad endings, even the normal ending was fulfilling! 

I can't wait for your next project, you've got +1 supporter!

Not gonna lie, I'm really gonna miss these boys now that I completed the novel...

Hi Fruity! Congrats on finishing all the routes and thank you for playing! 

I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed yourself thoroughly and spent 2-3 days on my game ^///^ that's quite fast--and yes! Thank you for the support! Nothing makes me happier to see someone love my boys as much if not more than I do!

My 2nd project still has quite some ways to go but I hope you'll walk beside me as we walk step by step to completion!

Stay tuned with the weekly updates and see you around!