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Be still my heart!

The Rose of Segunda was an absolute treasure - the writing, the characters, the plot - and is a game I love beyond words. This sequel is already on my must-have-list!

As for thoughts:

* I am so thankful and appreciative that you let us input our thoughts about children. So so many visual novels make the assumption that the mc has and/or wants kids at the end and that can be a little disheartening. The fact that you're actually allowing player input on that topic is <3

*Again, the writing for this is absolutely fantastic. The art style is very cute so I wasn't expecting the sophisticated political intrigue of a game that was the first, though I was very pleasantly surprised and immediately invested. 

*I can't wait to see how Frederique's route plays out. Admittedly it was my favorite route (angst is always a source of investment, I must say) and watching how it unfolds in the midst of already otherwise unrelated turmoil and then familial turmoil - unless it's kept a secret in which case even more delectable angst - will be amazing.

Thank you so much for all the hard work put into such an ambitious and fantastic game! I really can't wait for it to come out. (But do not feel rushed or pressure, it is understood that quality takes time and you have other projects that require attention as well)

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Thank you for the positive feedback on both 'Rose' and 'Thorns', I'm glad you enjoyed the first game and have found enough in the demo to get excited for the sequel. 

Yes, it always surprises me a little when such a big decision as having children is decided for the player. I suppose it makes sense in games where it is already established your character wants them or they are needed for the plot, but otherwise I would probably avoid bringing it up or let players decide what they believe their character would want. 

Aha, so many people seem to be looking forward to Fred's route - the pressure's on and I must admit I'm getting a little nervous. 

Well, thank you for playing and your kind encouragement - I am already aware that the 200,000 approximated word count is likely a huge underestimate, so I don't think rushing it will be an option. ^_^