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Interesting mix of platformer and shooter.

The game plays pretty well. I like all the ideas in the game description, even though they're not implemented yet in the game as far as I can tell.

I found the following issues / improvement suggestions:

- The main menu UI doesn't scale well in ultrawide monitor when going fullscreen. The top and bottom are cut off. (I played the web version)

- The level background and foreground platforms have very similar colors and makes it hard to see where to jump. I suggest making the colors more contrasting between both game layers.

- The Iroha dialogue box had chinese text even though I selected English in the settings.

- I died once in the boss fight and got teleported to the bottom of the tower together with the boss. I don't know if this was intended.

- The shooting sound effect volume is too loud. It overpowers other sound effects.

- Fever time needs more feedback to the player. The icon on the corner is not very visible when the player is focused on a different part of the screen shooting enemies. I suggest a change of music and maybe adding a full screen overlay effect.

Good job on the game and I hope to see a more complete version with more levels and functional attack skills! :D