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Hello, I saw The Letter on Steam, I played the demo too and I really enjoyed the game, I plan to buy it soon. But I'm Brazilian and I still have some difficulty in translating some english words haha ... I wonder if you're going to do some updating for other languages: Brazil or Spain soon? this would be very good for me to be able to understand the story better and hahaha.
I just wanted to get that doubt right, ah .. I'm sorry if I missed a few words, I wrote this for the translator.

Hi Lennyblue, thanks so much for playing The Letter! :)

We do not have budget for localization; as such, our game's translations come from volunteers. Unfortunately, our Spanish translators had not been active for the past months, so we really cannot say if we'd be able to release a Spanish version of the game. We hope you understand!

I understand yes, thanks for the information, even though I do not have a translation I will buy the game, I really loved it a lot and I will try to translate some things through the translator haha. Thanks again ^-^