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Thank you for your comment, I appreciate the feedback a lot.

歸妹 - Returning Maiden is one of my first games created for an event to promote and teach about the Intangible Cultural Heritage of China to Chinese youth - the event leader was in fact translating the myths into English and reading the rules for cultural sensitivity - just as she did with 五德 - The Five Powers.

A revamp is actually on the schedule for later this year to address exactly your issues with working out the rules for people unfamiliar with the Element Dice System and streamlining the gameplay.

Thank you again for taking the time to comment and give feedback. I hope you found inspiration in the Element Dice System and what possibilities lay in it.

Thanks for replying - I hope I didn't seem too negative! I'd just like more people to be able to play it. :-) I recorded the sessions since I'm an author, and a few of the things we made up may well find their way as altered scenes in future short stories. :-)


Hey, no worries. I believe every critique is an opportunity for me to get better and you took the time to be specific and I appreciate this a lot. It is also an honor to hear that some of the scenes were an inspiration for you to take into your future writing.