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Really liked this game. Artwork, scenery and gameplay is fantastic.

Making the field infinite, looping thru the same scene all over again when reaching the borders is so clever to give the player a sense of a massive scene and liberty, when it actually is pretty small.

Having to walk around a building with a door that you can't open until you reach some point made me remind The Witness a lot, probably the most Witness-like thing in the game for me. That "hnnnng I want to get there" sensation is great.

Would have liked a little bit more difficult puzzles. Some of them are just doing literally what the fox asks you to do, but in general the experience is great and enjoyed every minute of it.


I would prefer a little harder myself... I tested on some young kids tho, and non-gamers... I'm thinking up a hard-mode...

Good point about the Big Mysterious Door and the importance of anticipation! (and the Witness comparison :) )

RE: infinite field... yeah, thanks! I didn't want another puzzle ISLAND (Myst, Witness...), so had to think of someway to bound it! :)