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Hello RPGHero

Thank you for your feedback - it's always interesting to see what people are anticipating. 

Most of these points are things that will definitely be covered by the full game, so at least your curiosity will be sated eventually. 

Though for number 4, I can confirm that every route so far as had one or two lines reflecting who the King chose to marry Guillaume at the end of 'Rose'. 

They are usually from or with regards to your mother and how angry she was at the time. Of course, you're right in thinking that you will see more comments further into the game, especially when you meet the King.

And as for point 8, yes, there are three new romance options. Vesela, one of the high-ranking Alvardian diplomats, Mathys, a former knight, and the secret romance (who I think is pretty obvious, because it's not like there are many eligible sprites left at this point ^_^)

Thanks for playing