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Hello sir, first of all, epic game! I played for a while and it was really cool.

second of all, can I have your help? I'm a yr 9 highschooler trying to make a project that needs a feature that predicts the orbit of a satellite being tracked in real life, could you show me what you did? and explain it better? I could barely comprehend what was being said at the unity forum post I found you at and the wikipedia pages linked to the post were almost gibberish to me? if you can't can you suggest a plugin?

thirdly, will there ever be multiplayer?

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Hi, Thanks for playing L.O.T.H.!   If your talking about predicting real satellites there is a lot more that goes into it but in general I would start with the 'Two Body Problem.' I can't explain much of it here of course but I can point you in the right direction. Let me know if you have specific questions and maybe we can take it to discord. I don;t know of a plugin that does the same stuff but I have considered making one. *This 'simple' orbital mechanics problem quickly becomes a 'floating origin' problem once you get deep in. I love this stuff but it doesn't seem to have a bottom.... down the gravity rabbit hole.

And multiplayer... is the main goal..