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Just bought the game and played through it.
It's a very basic but fun Metroidvania, the kind of game I really love and just can't get enough of!

The main criticism I have is the length of the game,
it only took around 15 minutes to win it.
Other than that, a Linux version would rock, although
this does run fine under WINE, that's how I played it,
and the ability to rebind keyboard controls.

At 3 pounds, I guess it's about 1 pound per level? 8)
I'm from the U.S. and am assuming a pound is around our
dollar? I'd gladly play $10 bucks for a larger game. 8)

Suggestion to Ben James: If you make some more levels,
I'm sure I'm not the only one who would buy more.
Maybe sell it for $10 and give the people who bought this
version 3 off?

Anyhow great job!