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Damn I was hoping to avoid any potential bugs in the Mac version by constantly saving and reloading, but rip I couldn't even get past the avatar creation screen before getting an error message. 

Yep, that's a Mac specific bug - basically Mac isn't allowing Tailor Tales to overwrite a certain file (the avatar). Sadly this is also the reason I cannot officially support the Mac version. You can try googling the issue with Mac needing to give permission to unauthorized apps, perhaps it will yield some results.

I figured it out based on your recommendation! (For anyone wondering, its the apple icon in the upper left hand corner > System Preferences > Security&Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility > And add the game app to control your computer and check off the box for it) And also didn't encounter any bugs along the way :D 

That's some good  information for others! I hope this means other Mac users can continue to play the game. Thank you for writing the reply :)

It sadly didn't fix my problem completely, but it's a good idea, since it might limit further problem.  Anyway, for anyone with the "private/var/folders..." error about "translocation" during the avatar creation on MAC, the way I fixed it was moving the game app itself out of the folder and into the "applications" folder, and then opening the game via Finder. It's apparently due to a security feature from Mac 10.12.