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Hi, I made a bug report on the Steam forums.  I'm not sure if those are being watched, though, so I'll also post it here.

Richard Route

"Even if it sucked and completely drained the short amount of moral I had left": moral -> morale
"Taste fine to me.": Taste -> Tastes
"Knowing Dad's pride, he rather has us remember it ourselves than actually tell us.": he rather has us -> he'd rather have us
"He gives me a big grin expressing his pleasure for making my cringe.": my -> me
"The books are supposed to be stacked on my shelves but I've never got to do it.": Awkward phrasing, would sound better as "but I've never gotten around to doing it." "You know the canteen ladies will reheat it for you if you as nicely.": as -> ask
"The guy playing is too focus to hear the soft scuttle my shoes makes.": too focus -> too focused; my shoes makes -> my shoes make
"I look up to see if the guy has notice me sneaking in.": notice -> noticed
"On the third day, however, the weather turned for the worst.": Normally I think the idiom is "took a turn for the worse", e.g. "the weather took a turn for the worse."
"I flick his hat off from behind and his sunglasses also falls down.": falls -> fall "We did science for a year before it bore me and I switch to the arts.": bore -> bored; switch -> switched "You all looked sad and moopy": moopy -> mopey
"He's suspecting something.": He suspects something.
"Did he just confessed?": confessed -> confess
"Finally, I reach my locker, ready to feast in my delectable lunch.": in -> on
"I casually open it and sitting on top of my pil of stuff": pil -> pile
"Did he asked me a question?": asked -> ask
"Sounds familiar?": Sounds -> Sound
"I need to know somethings about Richard too.": somethings -> some things (missing a space)
"He wasn't at his grandparents.": grandparents -> grandparents'
"We even did a mini search party after school.": Awkward phrasing to say they "did" a search party.  Maybe something more like "formed"?
"It's a good weather to be out and about.": It's a good weather -> It's good weather
"Your handwriting is borderline legible.":I think it makes more sense to say it's "bordline illegible"
"It says that you're happy to see me and misses me dearly.": misses -> missed
"I've change my mind": change -> changed
"What's worst was that you disappeared": worst -> worse, or "The worst"
"I've never notice how similar the English and music rooms are.": notice -> noticed
"He takes out the bottle of honey from his bag and drizzle it on.": drizzle -> drizzles
"In the not so far distant": distant -> distance
"No fun because within the last five minutes, you've totally abuse that.": abuse -> abused
"The ice creams are finished ages ago": are finished -> were finished
"As a kid, I moved around a lot to run away from them, and it seems to be working.": seems -> seemed
"The longer you delay this, the worst it's going to get.": worst -> worse
"And even if you did resolved it": resolved -> resolve "I've change my mind.": change -> changed "It's the weekends and 8 AM is awfully early.": weekends -> weekend "My devilish good looks has totally gotten her smitten.": good looks has -> good looks have
"I'm moving back to my grandparents.": grandparents -> grandparents'
"Shall we delay my leave even more?": Awkward phrasing, maybe something like "
"You know I prefer lunch in bed than breakfast.": than breakfast -> rather than breakfast (or "over breakfast")
"I grab his shirt and within reach I grab the tray from him.": Awkward phrasing, maybe "and once the tray is within reach, I grab it from him."
"Because you would've catch me?": catch -> caught
"Need help to wash up?": Awkward phrasing, "Need help washing up?"
"For a very long time, I've love you": love -> loved
"It takes every strength I have to stop me from rushing after him.": Awkward phrasing, maybe either "It takes every bit of strength" or "It takes all the strength"
"and probably don't need the assistance a lady.": assistance a lady -> assistance of a lady
"I've only manage to tolerate their presence.": manage -> managed
"I mean,I've factor in his lateness": I mean,I've factor -> I mean, I've factored (both verb tense and missing a space after the comma)
"But Alfred can do better.": But Alfred can do better -> But Alfred could be better


Thank you for reporting these! We'll be sure to fix them up in our next update.