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Heyho Melon! You were at the stream but I’m leaving this here for posterity.

  • +Overall great!
  • +The hook on the story and setting was well done.
  • +It does a good job characterizing the main cast.
  • +Marr does a good job being a shitheel XD You initially (by powers of protagonistship) are on his side, but quickly learn he sucks.
  • +The in-comabt interactions were great, and such a rare thing to see.
  • +The fights were balanced overall and the skillset had just enough complexity not to be boring, but not hard either.
  • +The art, especially faces, was good, though some felt a bit rough, probably from time constraints.
  • +Music (custom) was fitting and I never felt like it was out of place.
  • +The ending was very sweet and I'm glad it did not go in a more grimdark direction.
  • +I would love a longer game in this concept and learning more about the characters and where they come from, the theme is very appealing.
  • -The art on some of the faces is a bit too dark, some lighter contrast points would help a lot, especially in the darker portraits.
  • -The polish on the UI was not very good, which is understandable, but a better UI and presentation of combat hud would be great.

 Great job within the time you had, 5 stars!