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This is probably really one of the rare times I can say a puzzle game really touched me.

Most puzzle games (and especially puzzlescript games) are difficult, often frustratingly difficult. That's not to say this game isn't challenging. But seeing flowers grow and water flow, it really brings peace and comfort. Listening to the game talk to me as I nourish the flowers really gives these puzzles meaning beyond just solving them.

Story and mood aside, I think the puzzles were great too, mechanics were communicated really well and kept finding interesting uses. (For me it started to get a bit stale but when chapter 5 started I was amazed at how deep this game can be)

Thanks for letting me nourish this garden :)

I'm moved by your comment, it means a lot to me :)

Yeah, I think the biggest flaw in this game was taking so long to introduce the water holes. I think I could have rushed a bit more with the introduction of the base mechanics and focused the game more on exploring different uses of water-skipping. Note taken for the next game! :)