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I know you're working on the Steam release, but a couple questions.
Says the VN features a CG Gallery and Guide. Not seeing those anywhere, I'd love that guide cause I feel like I'm going in loops unless I go with Marc.
On the arrow key puzzle, great hilarious little easter egg loved it, but if you mess one up are you stuck in a loop forever of it saying nothing happens?
Just that, LOVING the game so far and so happy to see it release!  

You're completely right, sorry T_T  But I'm glad you like it so far!

The fact that you go with Marc doesn't mean you are "in his route": think of the game more of like a story with just one route and multiple endings

When you say it like that it makes so much sense and I got it, thank you!

By the way, there are a couple of things more misssing, check the latest Development Log here on, please.

But hopefully they will be added in a week, not in months.

That's fair, should've read that haha. Good to know and can't wait!