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Games starts lagging to unplayable levels without mods which is a major problem...


I've ran into that. It turns out that the problem was with how my kindles OS hogs resources and keeps a million programs running in background. Which combined to create an unstable pplatform. Try parking a bunch of stuff that doesn't need to be hanging around in standby mode.

 Also you haven't given any info about: the number of competing nations and nation states; the size of the map; what your system is; how many turns in you were when your system became unstable; exactly wtf is lagging, (eg. While the computer players are taking their turns, to calculate auto moves,) ; which animations you have turned on; are you playing multiplayer or single; how old your device is, etc.


i figured it out with your reply, thanks!


Glad to help. I had a lot of frustration when I was playing on my old pad. I love long games in huge worlds with  and even with only two or three opponents I would get ANRs  very frequently by the time I was two or three hundred turns in. Especially when the game auto saved. 

The game has been optimized a lot in recent months. Give it a try again and I hope that the lagging issues are solved.