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Md. Touhidur Rahman

A member registered Feb 06, 2022

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The game has been optimized a lot in recent months. Give it a try again and I hope that the lagging issues are solved.

Really weird, the game is completely open source so it being flagged by an anti-virus is unlikely. Never heard anything like this before in the community.

Regardless, you can play the game by installing Java from here: (Choose any JRE with Java 8 or above)

Restart your System.

and then download the JAR file for the game from here:

And then double clicking the JAR file will start the game.

You can also try Multiplayer.

You can try Multiplayer.

Which system are you trying to play the game on?

In Windows, you have to extract the zip, open the unzipped folder and open the exe file, and the game will start.

Alternatively, you can also install Java on your system and just use jar files to play.

The zipped version already have java in it so the exe file works.

You can play multiplayer games also.

The current state of any of your game after each turn is automatically saved.

The save option saves the current state of a game in a file. To load it, use the load option and choose the file where you saved your game.