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Hey, cool game man! You said you created this in a couple of days and damn, it looks amazing. Do you have any guides or tips to making games like this? 


Thank you! 

In terms of tips and guides... almost all of my (tiny) programming knowledge comes from searching Google or watching Youtube videos on certain things so that's one way to start. Chosing a rather simple engine like Unity helps as well as there are a ton of resources out there to start making games. Unity has some good tutorials on their own page, but there are also Youtubers like Brackeys who are more aimed at beginners (and helped me a lot). 

But no matter what software you choose to make games, if you do not have any prior knowledge I'd definitely recommend doing some of the basic tutorials first to understand the core concepts (how do I navigate the software, how do I structure a project, some basic scripting) before starting a "real" project from your own ideas. From there, it's basically just asking questions and trying to find the answers (mostly through Google & reading the documention & try stuff). Hope this helps!