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Notes from my playthrough:

The font works thematically but gets a bit tiring to read.
The mapping of the city looks great! The Egyptian setting is a nice change of pace from the standard medieval fantasy RPG setting.
No way to map jumping on the gamepad?
Spear description is for a shortbow?
I didn't know there was going to be a quiz! Should have studied up on my  Egyptian mythology before playing.
The ring combat system reminds me of Shadow Hearts. The sweet spot is always in the same place though. It should move around the ring to make timing it more challenging.
My first magic ability is empty?
Learned another blank ability. Class abilities don't seem to be setup right.
For awhile I thought I was stuck in a room with just chests (that all had monsters) until I realized I could jump over them.
Spamming jump to move around the room to lessen encounter rate!
Combat feels unbalanced. I can one shot early enemies but later encounters felt like they dragged on for too long.
Most magic attacks do less damage than my physical attack so why use them?
Death by Fire is the only ability I have worth using right now.
The dungeons are too maze-like and many rooms have you going back n forth while fighting random encounters which isn't much fun. I do appreciate that there is some variety though in the room types.
There was a lot of content in this game! I hit the hour mark before I could complete all the trials.
Cool demo! Hope to see this expanded upon.