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Hi. There is an Exception at the end of Damian's route R18 android version(good ending; the only one I played so far). I already tried restarting the game and my android phone. Is there a fix for it? 

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I have the same problem. Would be really intetested in a solution too =)


I played to the end of Carrault and Kauls route too, same problem there.

hey there, so... I  played the game on my computer and the exception didn't come up. You're not missing anything but the screen with who wrote the game etc.  No more story. So I guess it doesn't matter much?

Yes, it's just an image with the credits for developers that is broken. We're planning a bugfix for that that includes some other additions, which is why we have not yet pushed that fix. Hitting "Ignore" should work, and you won't be missing any in-game content.