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I  bought this package and have idea to buy other asset as well. I have few clarification.

1.I saw the window object in decoration folder but it is in black color.How to use that in unity which mapped with tileset.Sorry I am new to game development.

2. Do you have any enemy package?

3. Do you have any plan to combine platform assets as bundle and provide with some discount? Since I am interest to buy.

1. There should be transparency in the window instead of a black colour. Maybe you lost it on some importing in Unity or something like that. Basically put it on a layer above, and under it put whatever background you want.

2.I do not have a released enemy pack yet, but I have one in the works, and it should probably release sometime this month!

3. There was recently the winter sale and my packs were on a bundle and discount then, so now they wont be on sale for a couple months most likely.

Thank you.I am waiting for enemy pack.Hopefully coming month the bundle will comes with discount.