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Hey! Oh it's mostly just standard top-down. Although there are a few decorations which are made more in isometric view. But yeah it's not really isometric, not sure why it's on the isometric tag. Ill check it

Hey, You can just flip them, no other ones will be added!

Thanks, glad to hear that! Oh, ill write it down, hopefully I can get to it some time, but im quite busy right now.

Hey, sorry I missed the comment. Well it's 16x16px square tiles. So it can be used in top-down. Although it could probably be used in isometric too, as some of the buildings are drawn in isometric view. You can see the previews, and that's how it is!

Thanks, glad to hear!

Thanks! Yeah, the village buildings and props pack is the one coming next! I think in the end it will include a bit of farming stuff, too. But it's already getting so large, that I think I will have to make a separate farming pack later on.

Thanks! Sadly im currently not available for work

Thanks a lot!

Glad to hear!

It's me, i am the life saver!

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This is 16x16px tiles, but its made in a way that it would likely fit well with stuff thats meant more for 32x32px. Waterfall size can be controlled both horizontally and vertically! Only the waterfall is made up of 32x32px tiles due to ease of use, the rest is 16x16px

Hey! Not entirely sure what youre asking for. But the tiles are 16x16px. The big tileset sheet is all on 16x16px grid.

Yes, you can sell your game

Cool! :)

That really depends on your game and character speed etc. But I animated most of them at 60ms per frame, or ~16fps.

Thank you! Not anytime soon as there's other stuff I want to get to first, like a town pack, and building and farming stuff, as well as a cave environment. After that we'll see.

Thank you!
I drew it in Pyxel Edit, and that's what I used too make the mockups too. But it's probably easier to do in some game engine. Coding in autotiling and stuff like that. 

Hey! No sorry, i won't put it under licences that allow redistribution.

Hey! Thanks, glad you like it!
As for the grass, the darker shades are better to be used for places where you need a shadowier/darker place. Or like a focusing/composition tool. Make the places that are not as important darker, while keeping your main paths, and other spots where you can walk lighter. Stuff like that, if that's what you meant. 
Or if you meant how to get the light grass transition to darker grass, you can just use layers. Keep the lightest grass as base layer, and add the darker shade on top on another layer. However i included also the tiles which have integrated dark to light colours, which you can use on the same layer.

thanks, they are included!

Hey! Yes, they can be used in a commercial game. Only thing you can't do with these assets is resell them separately, for example - reselling them as an asset pack of your own, or in an NFT or something like that.

Thanks! I am! Working on a town and village buildings and props pack

Thanks! I was planning an update with more fantasy features, ill see if I can finish it some time, but will take a while probably.

Im not sure, ive never  used rpg maker, but its a fairly standard png spritesheet of a tileset, so it might work.



Thanks! Currently working on a town buildings and props pack for this series! but it will probably take a little while to be done with it. :)

Hey, no not at the moment, its a new series, so more packs will come later

Waterfall is animated and tileable both vertically and horizontally. And all the water lines where they meet land are animated, same with waterlines around objects. And there's some sparkle animation of water you can put on top. Like you can see in the example mockups i made

Thank you!

Hey, thanks! You can write to my email But if you're looking for commission work from me, im currently not available. Thanks!

Thanks a lot! More stuff will come later, next pack im planning is a town/village buildings and props one. But it will take some time!



Definitely, thanks!

Thank you!

Thanks a lot! I didn't use a palette, i picked my own colours that fit!


Thanks a lot!

Thank you!