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Umm, there isn't really any tile numbers, since it just depends on how your own tilesheet is set up. You should maybe take a look at the example image I provided, and take the tiles directly from there, it should help with understanding which tiles is which. :) If you can't figure it out at all, then let me know on what exactly you need and ill try to help!

Hey there, thanks a lot! Sadly though, I decided that there probably won't be any diagonal slopes in any of these packs after all. It's just way too much of a hassle to make it all work with all the other tiles and takes too much time. 

Hey there!
Sorry, but I do not plan to expand this pack anytime soon!

Thank you very much! Oh, that's interesting!

Hey, nope in the end I decided that there won't be any diagonal slopes in this set of asset packs. But I might make some other series where I include those.


Yep, I will eventually! :) Not sure when though.

Thanks! :) You should be able to just change the donation to whatever you want on itch here ;)

haha, thank you! I am glad you liked it, I enjoyed the video :)