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Hey, oh that's awesome to hear! Glad you liked my assets enough to use them! :)

yes, ofcourse

Thanks! Yes that's fine!


Definitely one of the best deals out there! 

I have the town/village one in the works, but unfortunately i don't have a lot of time anymore, since Im now a father and doing a  long-term freelance job, so the time to work on assets is very little, so im not sure when I will finish it.

Thanks! Not really no

Thanks! No sorry, have to set that up yourself

I do have a discord server here, however im not available for work right now, and likely wont be atleast till the end of the year. Just to note, my freelance rates currently are generally 40-50$ per hour, so the final price depends how long it takes.

Glad to hear it was useful!

No problem, glad to hear it was useful!

Hey, probably not going to add any animations to the trees. 

Oh, that sucks, unfortunately there's not like a retroactive discount I can give or anything like that, as there's no such features on itch.  
As for the UI assets, it's on my list, but yeah i've been busy with work, so i haven't had a lot of time to do any assets for itch at all. There's too much I want to do, but it takes quite a long time and my time is a  bit limited recently.

hello, yes you can modify it as you see fit. Only restriction is on reselling it on its own, be it part of another asset pack or on its own etc.

Hey, thanks for the feedback, i'll keep it in mind if I do an update to this, can't promise it anytime soon though.

Hey, yeah it's about that size as i was imagining, I made this character with 1 frame to use as reference for myself so I guess you can also use this guy as size ref. 

Hey! From my assets only the village props pack. But there is probably something around on the store, have to look around yourself

Thanks, next up will be either a caves pack or a town buildings pack most likely, although I haven't had much time to work on it, so i have no release date yet.

There will be a winter sale sometime in middle of december!

Thanks! I do have one space asset pack, but no others planned at this moment

thanks, currently not available for commissions.

Sure, you can try it on this image, it is 1x size.

Nice work, keep it up, it's a good start!

Hey, yes, you can modify it. The only thing thats not allowed is redistribution on its own - for example reselling it in another asset pack, or NFTs, or using in AI work.

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Hey, thanks glad you like it! Currently Im not available for freelance work though. Thanks

That's some great fonts!

hey, yes, i will make more, but they take a lot of work to do, and I don't have as much time recently, so it will be a while.

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Yeah, you can either auto-tile it that way, or code some custom script that fills in the rest too, i've seen that kind of thing before. Unfortunately with these complex type of cliffs there's not many other ways how to do it i think. Maybe some bigger piece/tile approach could produce decent results too, ill have to think about it for future tilesets for ease of use.
Thank you, I will definitely be making more in the future! 
Let me know about the water tiles, maybe i've missed something.

Hey! You use the middle tiles, it's fairly standard in tilesets. Hope it helps!
Here's an image - 

You can just write my name - Nauris Amatnieks in the credits

Everything for this pack is in the

Only what is in this pack is included(description and images has preview of just about everything). Other new packs like the - village props pack i have released is not included ofcourse, because that's a separate asset pack.
If I do some sort of update on this specific pack, then you get it for free - like the extra trees and rocks i did already - check the update 1 image here in previews.

Sorry im not sure what you mean, it wasn't animating for you in your engine?

Hey! I'll think about it, im currently also working on a dedicated map maker tool using these assets, so that one might be easier to use, since its not just tilesets(which require some gamedev knowledge usually). But it is still a while away till im finished with it, as I dont have that much time to work on it now

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Hmm yeah, I get how it can be a bit confusing. To make this kind of fence work, I couldnt make each tile the same size, so I used a smaller grid size of 32x32px and then made the actual tiles up from multiple grid pieces, so you can see that some tiles are 64x64px while others are actually 64x96px.  It's all complicated by the diagonal tiles which give the problem, otherwise I could have made them all 64x64px. So I just hoped that by overlaying a 32px grid, it would make it clear how the tiles are supposed to be. Here's a picture of an overlay which show the tiles.

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What sort of a guide do you mean? If you let me know, I can look into it.
The fences are on a 32x32px grid, if it helps. It should be pretty clear I think when you divide it into the grid.

Sorry that is not possible, as it would require redrawing everything.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks, but im currently not looking for extra work!

Thanks a lot!