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Glad you like it! :)

Im mostly busy with freelance work and other things, so I don't have as much time for asset packs right now. I can't say im back yet, but in the future I will definitely make some more assets :)

Hey! Awesome, thanks! And is credit necessary?

Hello! Is it possible to see the license for this? Im curious if we are also able to edit/mix the sfx for our own needs. Thanks!

There isn't no. The trees in the gif were animated through code as written in the description. Just a really subtle swaying animation

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Hey, no sorry, on the new one there also won't be animations or full body(Although I might add torso, but will see). It is simply too much work for me to do alone.

Well all of my packs that have 'Fantasy' on the title should sort of match together as different levels and so on. The props and natural decorations pack should also work ok!

The wall background is tile based too, you can construct it from the included tiles however you wish.

Thanks! So far I haven't planned on a city or a sci-fi pack. Currently asset making is also on a little pause, because Im a bit too busy. 

Hey! These are meant only for profile pictures and things like that, no commercial projects.
I have a new special portrait generator meant for commercial games and things like that in the works now :)

Using it commercially means using it in a game, or something of that sorts. Reselling it means taking it as it is and selling it as your own asset pack. You cant sell the individual artwork as your own.

Hello! It is included, it's in the decorations folder.

Hey, sure

Hey! You can use it for as many games you want, but only you can use it. You can't redistribute it to other people.

Hello! I'd like to offer two of my paid asset packs to this bundle in support of the issue. #BlackLivesMatter

Thanks! Currently I am fairly busy, so I dont have much time for any asset packs, but there are some more top-down pack plans, but I dont think I will make as many packs for top-down as say in the fantasy platformer series.

Thank you :)

I think you can try contacting itch support about the purchase you want refunded, and they might be able to grant it, but im not sure.

Hello! Thanks a lot for the suggestions! I will probably modify the license! 

thanks, hope its useful

Glad you like them! :D

Hey thanks!

Im not sure how to answer this question. If you mean software, then I use Pyxel Edit. Outside of that, I just draw :D

hi, thanks :D

Hey! Nope, everything is there. Those are these 2 tiles The top left one and the left middle one.

I have some plans to make an expanded character pack with more animations, but unsure when Ill finally get to it.

Thank you! Something beachy, with water, and palms and such, sounds cool I guess! I'll look into it! :)

Hey! I don't think I will make a mars terrain specifically, but I might make some environment which could possibly be used as mars terrain, something dry and rocky :)

Thank you! There's more coming!

Hey! Much appreciated, really glad you like it! :)

Thanks! Glad you like it! :)

Hello! Yes you can!

Thats good to hear!


Hey! Thank you!
Yes, I think I will do a bundle discount on release of my next pack which will be sometime this month most likely!
And yes, I do plan to expand on the character with more animations and make it a separate pack, but I dont know when it will come yet.

Thanks! Glad you like them! I have planned some UI assets, but don't know when I'll be able to get to it!

Hey! Thanks a lot. I currently dont have a Jungle themed pack in the works, but it's a good idea and I will definitely do it some time in the future! Im not sure when i'll be able to get to it though. About the city im not so sure. 
Thanks, Nauris

Im not sure how it works in unity. But it's a standard sprite sheet. Everything is in 16x16px tiles. Here's a rotated preview picture. 

Hey! Could you show me how it looks?

I draw in Pyxel Edit.