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Thanks :D

Frame counts and canvas sizes are listed in the description

Yes, ofcourse

Hey! Much appreciated! Should be a new sale some time in spring probably :)
As for commissions, i am pretty busy, so I would probably not have the time. 

Its in the character sprites folder in the zip

Thanks a lot! For now there are no plans to update it much. But Ill think about it!


Hey, no sadly that is not possible at this time.

Hey, sorry for the late reply! Yeah it does go on sale some times, closest one should probably be winter sale in about 2 months, but maybe I'll participate in autumn sale sooner too

Nice to hear! :)

Thanks! Im not sure, i'll get to making monsters just yet. So many ideas, so little time..

Thanks! It should already fit with my fantasy series,if you pick the lighter version character. I don't have plans for dark fantasy style assets at the moment though, but who knows :)

Thanks a lot!

Hey! Thanks! I will write it down, if I get to updating the pack some time, I will add it!

Thank you!

Glad you like it!

Thanks a lot :)

Thank you!

Thank you! I can't promise, but I have some ideas for some more common animations I might add some time. But as always time is how it is, and not sure when I can get to it.

Thanks a lot, glad you like it!

Thanks, its Pyxel Edit

Hey, thanks for getting it and thanks for the feedback! I will add more 'older age' features to my list of things to add some time in the future!

Hello, there is currently no way to use it in that way. You need to export them as individual sprites if you want to do that

Hello! If you mean the actual drawn image, then no, because I would have to redraw everything to be larger. If you want just empty space around, you can simply make the canvas bigger and put the portrait in the center. You can also however just rescale the portrait in even numbers like 200%,300% and it will look as intended without any scaling issues(but if you use it together with other pixelart and that pixelart is on 100% scale, then there will be mixed pixel sizes). 

Thanks! Yeah, there will be some update, but  I don't know when, I don't have a lot of time to work on the asset packs lately. So it might take a while.

Oh, thanks a lot for letting me know, very much appreciated! It was not autorized!

Ah, sorry about that, i had forgotten to check the marker in the game upload page that its only for windows. I added a note in the description too, thanks for notifying me!

Hey, thanks, nice work!

Thank you!

Hello, thanks! I currently don't have plans to expand on this character, but I have plans in the future to create a whole new one with many more animations, although I am busy with other things now, so it might take a while, sorry about that.

No, it's all static tileset

Hey, you make it however it is necessary in your game. Leave it up in a static position when its unpressed.And play the first few frames for the press, and then leave it in a static pressed position again. Or however you need it.

Thanks for all the nice comments! :)

Thanks, much appreciated!

Hello! Thanks!
Yes I've planned to do more enemy packs, however don't have the time right now. Not sure when I'll be able to get to it, but probably not anytime soon sadly

Sorry, i don't plan to update this tileset. You can however edit it yourself for your needs.


Sorry, don't have time for it right now.

No sorry, I don't use Aseprite

Hey, thank you! 
Yes, I will most likely add more skin colours already in the next update! Though im not sure when I'll be able to update yet

Thanks! :D