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Hey! Nope, everything is there. Those are these 2 tiles The top left one and the left middle one.

I have some plans to make an expanded character pack with more animations, but unsure when Ill finally get to it.

Thank you! Something beachy, with water, and palms and such, sounds cool I guess! I'll look into it! :)

Hey! I don't think I will make a mars terrain specifically, but I might make some environment which could possibly be used as mars terrain, something dry and rocky :)

Thank you! There's more coming!

Hey! Much appreciated, really glad you like it! :)

Thanks! Glad you like it! :)

Hello! Yes you can!

Thats good to hear!


Hey! Thank you!
Yes, I think I will do a bundle discount on release of my next pack which will be sometime this month most likely!
And yes, I do plan to expand on the character with more animations and make it a separate pack, but I dont know when it will come yet.

Thanks! Glad you like them! I have planned some UI assets, but don't know when I'll be able to get to it!

Hey! Thanks a lot. I currently dont have a Jungle themed pack in the works, but it's a good idea and I will definitely do it some time in the future! Im not sure when i'll be able to get to it though. About the city im not so sure. 
Thanks, Nauris

Im not sure how it works in unity. But it's a standard sprite sheet. Everything is in 16x16px tiles. Here's a rotated preview picture. 

Hey! Could you show me how it looks?

I draw in Pyxel Edit.

The waterfall is in a separate sprite sheet. And all the tiles are in 1 png sheet.

Hey! No it should be fine. Those are only the canvas sizes. I drew the monsters to fit with the character. Here is a size comparison. The monsters who are supposed to be bigger are bigger, those who are smaller are smaller 

Thank you very much! Glad you like it!

Definitely doing some more packs in this series!

Yes it should be compatible with the Fantasy packs, i tried to make them compatible with the character thats included in all the packs. The creatures range from 32x32px canvas size to up to 80px canvas size for the minotaur

Im not quite sure what you mean. But there is a tilesheet with all the tiles together, so depending on how you implement it in the game, you might need to cut them into separate 16x16 tiles, usually engines have a feature where you can just import the whole tilesheet and pick tiles. Theres a sheet of some trees separately too. And background layers. You can just download it and check, its free.

Awesome, checked it out a bit! Cool stuff :)

well, theres definitely more than 16 colours here in the fantasy packs, so it might take some fiddling and tile edits to get to 16 colours. You can maybe check out my simpler 16colour packs.


Not sure about it really. If the limit is only no more than 16 colours per tile, then I imagine it could fit into that, but no idea how those old restrictions go, and what happens if theres transparency etc.

1. There should be transparency in the window instead of a black colour. Maybe you lost it on some importing in Unity or something like that. Basically put it on a layer above, and under it put whatever background you want.

2.I do not have a released enemy pack yet, but I have one in the works, and it should probably release sometime this month!

3. There was recently the winter sale and my packs were on a bundle and discount then, so now they wont be on sale for a couple months most likely.

It should be top to bottom :) For the iron bar door.

hey! I included only a static sprite of that, since its better to animate that through code by just dropping it down from the ceiling etc. With frame by frame animation it wouldnt be so smooth.

Thank you!

Thanks! If you mean gamedevmarket, then yep! It's updated there too, although they review everything by person, so it usually takes a long time to upload something. No idea when it will be live there.

Hey! Yeah the packs will be on sale on Black Friday!

Thanks, glad you're liking it! :)

Hey, sorry but won't be adding that one, would require a considerable change to everything. Might add a separate similar pack like that some time in the future though, but no promises.

Hi! Yes, I will probably do that one in the future. But don't know when yet.

Thank you!

Added it! Thanks :)

Oh lol, that's awesome! :D

Nope, not yet. Do have some planned eventually, but dont know when ill get to them.

Hey! Just one, this is mostly just a castle dungeon environment pack, the character and 1 enemy is just there as a bonus. 

It's not possible to win, like in real life ;) :D