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I beat the final boss (first play though) and wow, he is much more difficult to defeat than any other island. I dislike the fact that you see some of the final bosses weapons the first time when facing the final boss itself as I don't know the attack patterns or how to take on the boss (the missiles for example). I enjoyed the game thoroughly. Some things that i would have liked to see more of: bosses that have a specialty. There were islands throughout the game that would ram you ,frigates i believe they were called and they were tough as every other island i floated to the top and broke the other islands shield and it was an easy win (as I was stacking shields), but the frigates would come straight for me and not even care about my shields. If a boss had this style but more health and speed i feel like that would become a huge challenge as you would have to prepare with spikes and more speed in your island.


Wow! Congratulations, the boss is supposed to be almost impossible to defeat. The reason he is so unbalanced is actually because I haven't developed anything for after the final boss. 

That being said, you have raised some excellent points. 

Firstly: attack patterns. Right now enemies might seem like they are firing all of their weapons simultaneously and it just gets chaotic. I could implement attack patterns so that similar weapon types fire around the same time, thus creating an "attack" that the player must learn to counter or avoid.

Secondly: specialty bosses. I am currently working on a series of updates that can greatly help with this so that enemies can take on a more niche role to test the players skill and ability.

Lastly: a ramming final boss. I have some plans to make the final boss more interesting and challenging without just stacking his health and damage. I'm thinking of a multi-staged boss whose behaviour changes as he loses health or even a few powerful but smaller bosses to fight simultaneously. If the player did have to fight multiple enemies then I could have three different classes (trireme-ramming, interceptor-fast, dreadnought-tank/damage).

Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm very glad you enjoyed the game.