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when i download the images they come out really blurred does anyone know how to stop them from compressing like this?  i know that i posted a similar question before but i realised i gave wrong information thanks. 

You need to tell us which game engine you use… etc

its not a matter with the game engine, it is blurred from the moment i download it

Don’t zoom it, if you really need it to become bigger use piskel or anything to scale it


you need to fix that from you game engine bro.


after using game engine (Godot)

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No, the image is not compressed or blurred - you are just using/viewing it wrong.
If you provide information about the image viewer/engine/renderer you're using someone can help you.

Pixel art, especially this small (16x16) would be _tiny_ to view on your (for example 1920x1080) monitor. Whatever you are using to display this image will upscale it. Your screenshot shows you are clearly using some (bi-)linear texture upscaling. For pixel art, you'll always want to use nearest neighbor texture filtering to preserve the crisp edges.

I have this problem. Im using unity. What do I do?!