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I have to comment, after getting the sale, having Pyrocynical's video randomly pop up talking about the game and making me interested.

I dunno why I did it, I guess I forgot I am really, really not good with horror video games, guess I thought I would handle it better. Thought absolutely wrong.

As a fan of SH2, 3 and somewhat 4, I wanted to at least play this title for it's style, and I have to say the style is absolutely excellent, the mix of low poly PS1 styles with few modern effects and some very stellar meshes of modern reflectivity with very low textures works. It all works very well to make visually unique and interesting game for 2018 and the sounds are spot on.

... Sadly, probably too much. I indeed forgot how badly horror games, specifically games hit me. It took me long time to be able to take on SH2 without breaks in between, SH1 being worst in making my mind so upset and immersed in the experience that I still have not gotten through SH1, just because it very quickly makes me want to shut the game.

By making a 1st person Spiritual Hill, you also made a game after 90 minutes I got extremely upset by, with a headache and still rushing blood pressure and I have to commend you, even if I am a customer who might have to leave playing the game here, and incomplete.

It is really good for what it is, for me probably TOO good.

Still, thank you for making this game. If you ever try to use these styles to make something different, I will be all ears for it. I say I hated the experience I had, but I hated it in the right way, if you know what bitch tears mean.