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Do to misconceptions I had with information at the time of Gil's last update, I had thought Logan was going to be one of the new routes, but guess I am wrong.  This feeling feels incomplete until the VN story confirms the option is denied.  I was also uncertain about how suddenly after initial route selection, to suddenly have means to jump ship, it seemed like a waste, however if its done in a way that feels natural enough, it will make sense.

The other thing I am uncertain about, but could be because I don't know the intended plans, is the jumps in the episode, I am not sure if it has jumped over him being coach at the high school or not, since touching on that does seem to be a key point in tying some things to the start of the VN.

In both cases I cannot be certain if I am wrong or right, but I am sure I will get my answers when the respective updates come.

Also because of how much I do love the VN and the work that has already been done on it I was glad to give something.  I do think I will intend to give more down the line, but it might not be until next year at current development pace.  Still as I always say, I want quality over quantity! :3 <3