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I was really enjoying this, but I've encountered a bug where on the second day, after the making a fire scene, it prompts me to save. When I save, I'm unable to load a save file. When I select a save file to load, it takes me directly back to the "save" menu. When I select "Return" from the left-hand menu, it takes me back to the beginning title card. I'm really bummed that the game won't work, because I wanted to play it through!

Sorry about that! We probably should have made it clearer in-game but right now only the first act and a few scenes of the second act are available. Once the full second act is released, your save file should just continue from that point on instead of returning to the title.

If you want to know more about the development progress, we explain it a bit more in our devlogs.

We're happy you enjoyed the game so far and we hope waiting for the next acts won't be too much of a problem! Thanks for playing <3


Oops, that makes total sense, sorry for not realizing that! Thanks for responding, I look forward to playing the rest of the game once it's available!