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Loving the game so far even though it has limited options. A few minor bugs such as the ones mentioned in posts below. I definitely think this game has a lot of potential and would love to play this on my stream when it's getting closer to actual release!

A few things I'd love to see added or changed in the game:

- While building a slope, a status bar which shows what difficulty level the slope will be if you finish it so you can change it on the go, instead of just finding that out in the end

- Restaurants, both in town and on the slopes

- Hotels & management thereof

- Adding slopes with moguls or extra options for extra difficulty

- Adding ski parks with boxes, rails, jumps, slalom,...

- surface lifts such as T-bars (maybe adding beginner/kids zones) (EDIT: didn't see that there was already a menu button for that)

- Management style options, such as slope preparation (and the involved costs, schedules,..), restaurant and hotel staff,...

- Being able to connect multiple villages instead of having only 1 village on a map

- ...

Again, loving the game so far, and excited to see where it's going! Happy holidays!

Hi! Thanks for playing the alpha :) And yes, we can't wait to add content... There is so much we'd like to implement into the game! This year is going to be fantastic :D