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If you've played the Pokémon main games, you're probably familar with the concept of "TMs". They're usually treated as items you can find, buy or receive from NPCs. 

Using an TM enables you to teach a certain move to a Pokémon in your team, either just once or infinite times, depending on the generation of games.

I too want the player of my game Abstráctomon to customize his monsters' move sets, but I'm trying a different approach.

In Abstráctomon, you can get a note book called "Move Memo" early on. It lets your character take notes after a battle (wild & trainer battles) and write down any new move your opponent (successfully) used against you!

This happens automatically and you get a short notification at the end of the battle if there were new entries to your Move Memo.


The Move Memo counts as "gear" and can be accessed via Quick Equip (see earlier post for more on that).

In it, you can view all moves you encountered in a handy list with newly added moves at the top, highlighted with a small green symbol. 

I want to add a sort function that lets you sort the move list by number, name, type, cost to make finding moves that fit your team easier.

Move Memo2

The yellow border around a monster indicates it knows the move already, green means it can be learned and red means the monster can not learn that move at all.

To teach a monster the selected move, it needs to have the correct type and enough EXP. The monster's current (not total!) EXP acts as a currency in this case. Your monster gets EXP for defeating an opposing monster, but beware - if it levels up, its EXP wrap around 0 again

So you have to decide if you want to train for a level up or rather stop when the EXP count is high, so you can exchange them for a custom move!

Do you like this idea? Leave a comment and let me know!