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This was really really good!! My main problem is that when I played, there was no shadow alerting me to the third color in the pattern?? I don't know if it's my fault because I have my computer settings weird or if it's a bug but I don't want other people getting upset because they can't find it but have too much pride to go look at someone's video or try all the colors for the third one. I just wanted to let you know.

Hmm... shadows should be on in all three quality settings, even low. Are you on mac too?

No... I'm not on mac. The shadows usually worked, but the shadow of the apse just didn't show up beyond the shadows inside the apse? The lines and stuff were still there, just the shadow indicating that thing was like the only shadow that wasn't there.

I fixed this. Shadow draw distance from the top of the elevator in Low quality was something I didn't think about. Woops. I'm sorry.