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That's very interesting! I like that - I'll look into adding it. Do you have a name for this rule?

Awesome that you're having fun with it. If you have a sec, I'd really appreciate a rating!

I just found this on the wikipedia page for Farkle, as play variation:

In a variant described as "piggybacking" or "high-stakes", each player after the first can choose to begin their turn either with a fresh set of six dice, or by throwing the dice remaining after the previous player has completed their turn. For example, if a player banks three 1's for a score of 1000, the next player may choose to roll the remaining three dice. If they score at least one die, they score 1000 plus whatever additional score they accumulate. Players may thus assume the greater risk of farkling for the chance of scoring the points already accumulated by the player before them. If a player ends their turn on a "hot dice", the next player may "piggyback" using all six dice.

So maybe piggyback or high-stakes would be a good name for the rule?

Nice - I'm leaning towards High Stakes but Piggybacking is fun too. Awesome! 

I have this working - its really fun. Paired with "Cruel" mode where you lose your running score from you total score if you bust its pretty much hardcore mode. Thank you for suggesting this - its really good.

Keep an eye out for an update towards the end of the week, but I'll happily send you a pre-release build if you email me at