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Picked this up to check it out before the full release and so far it seems very interesting!

I'll be excited to see some polish on things like the GUI, textbox, the way characters come in and out of a scene, and some general pacing stuff between scenes. Little things like that can really help a story have a better sense of space and time.

So far I'm enjoying the concept of the game, I think the world so far is interesting and I appreciate the variety of characters and of course that my wife is a dragon, duh!

I find myself wishing that the busts were slightly bigger or that the backgrounds were more in perspective with how big the busts are. I think the cave is fine and most of the blacksmith is okay too, but it really stands out on the other two backgrounds. (Sorry if that kind of feedback isn't helpful though, as I know the size of stuff isn't always easy to change nor is it always that helpful to get feedback on stuff that might be WIP.)

OH! And the music was really amazing, wow. That blew me away instantly. I'd love to know who composed the music as I might like to contact them for one of my games. (Or if the music is free somewhere, I'd also just like a link to that.)

Good luck team!