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I just started playing your other game and it was v good so I wanted to see if you made any others and- Ahhh I'm already so hyped for this. It looks so good. The plot, the characters, the art - everything. And to answer your question, I'm already unnecessarily biased towards Arya. The main reason is because he reminds me of myself, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a sucker for that color palette. Though I do think I'd get along with Kah'lil better.

Oh, if you don't mind me asking, about how much do you think it'll be priced?

Hi ktensei, welcome and thank you very much!

Hahah Arya is making a great job at his first impression I see x') I'm also flattered to hear you like my palette and said my story is v good! I want to do my best to visualize my story to you after all :'D

I still have rooms for improvements tho both in my art and writing departments -but of course, I'll do my best for my readers & my own sake!

I'm still thinking about the price tho. The story will be much longer than Winged Ones and definitely a larger project so... I don't know, maybe $10 for early birds and $15 for the final price x)

What do you think?



I'm fine with a price like that, as long as there's a suitable amount of gameplay which I would define as 15-20 hours or ~10 hours with a high replay value. I can't speak for others, though, as standards vary quite a bit.

Yes I agree and plan to do so x)

The gameplay duration is not definite tho since people's reading speeds are different o.o Winged ones have people finished it in around 8 hours until 3 days. How about you?

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I've barely had time to play it since the end of the quarter is coming up (ㄒ^ㄒ). If that's the range, then it definitely won't take me more than twelve hours as I read really quickly. I'll tell you a more exact number when I finish. Good luck with making the game! I hope everything goes smoothly for you!

Thanks and good luck to both of us! X')

I look forward to your review later when you finished playing :'3

I had a free period today, so I managed to finish playing all of the good ends as well as the normal end of Legend of the Winged ones. It took me six hours to play the first route and about two hours each for the next two. Depending on how upset the bad ends make me feel, it can take up to an hour for me to finish them. I'll be answering the questions on the actual game's page after I finish the bad end run on the bus. If I don't die.