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Hi! Done reading the rules, and it looks like a promising game. I don't know if i missed it, but I can't find the win/lose condition or how to end the game, OR is it designed for the player to set the ending?

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There is no winning condition as such. Over time you can work your way up from Recruit to Legendary Commander. The game was designed to be open ended - so you could play as short or as long as you like. The next game I am working on (Pirate based) will have a win condition at the end of a campaign of sailing the high seas. (Due out in September)

Oh! I see, that's cool! Maybe, once I have a full grasp on the game. I'll try to put some game ender, or some sort of quest/achievement with a limited recurring life(maybe 2-3). Anyway, kudos! Looking forward to that pirate based, hopefully it's another gm-less solo. :)

Btw, I like how you use the dice and deck of cards. Hopefully sometime in the future, you can try Tarot cards(with all the minor and major arcana) as well. :)

any update on that pirates based game?

Thanks for the reminder. I finished designing the game a while ago and got halfway through writing it up. I'll revisit it again soon to get it finished. It will be good to see it again through fresh eyes as well :-)

awesome. I look forward to trying it out.