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This game looks like my kind of jam - the archery minigame in The Lab was the best one! But I haven't played it yet - I have an Index, and the game doesn't work for me when launching through SteamVR.

With that in mind, I'd like to help out with SteamVR testing, if you're still looking for testers. Currently, when launching from within SteamVR after adding it as a non-steam game shortcut and checking the "include in VR library" property, the game window comes up frozen on some kind of menu on the primary monitor. Music plays, but video is never sent to the headset. I also had to force quit the game through the task manager as other means were not working.

hey onihikage, thanks for the kind words and trying to launch! I will try to look into SteamVR issues, but it's tricky for me since I don't have access to any SteamVR-native headset right now! On PC,  I had some issues with Oculus builds that would 'crash' the GPU context (similar symptoms to what you describe - frozen screen), but they would usually resolve after 30-60 seconds and the game would be playable.

I'll try to force to run it trough SteamVR on my end and see what I'll get