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@ pratticus26 that's exactly what was happening to me. It ended up being different updates that weren't installed. It took a couple of days searching the internet to get the right updates. The first one, I had to let run for over 12 hrs. That one, was the fix for my update problem. After that I was able to download a ton of updates, one of them worked, I don't know which one. That is one of pet peeves about tech, "say what you mean." Don't run some BS message that is totally unrelated to the problem. There is a web site I will never use, because I tried accessing my account with my phone, and kept getting a "incorrect password" message. The fact was that Yahoo was never going to let me access the site from a mobile device (morons, that's why they will go out of business). Instead saying F You, your never going log in for a phone, they say "wrong password" WTF. Anyway it's probably not about Microsoft Visual C ++, just like my problem wasn't. Say what you mean!! Don't BS me.

What where the correct updates? if you dont mind me asking, i am having the same issue.

I had the same problem. Went to the Microsoft site and typed in Microsoft visual c++ 2015. Found an redistribution update, first one on the list. It was update 3. I downloaded it for 64x and restarted. Game works now, I have windows 10.