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Played on mGBA which works fine except the sound is f'd up- thew shuffle sound is all garbled/ear-assaulting and repeats endlessly once triggered. not sure if there is supposed to be some animation with the shuffle but if so nothing happens other than the awful sound. any tips to sort this out?

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sorry about the loud shuffling noise! there's no animation missing or bug with the audio. i'll level with you–i'm not very good at programming  yet and i mostly tested this on my DMG without headphones. it's not too bad that way. with headphones, i just turned down the audio since it's not that important to the program. i would recommend doing this (again, sorry, i know this is not ideal lol)

more info if u want: basically you only have tap the D-pad once or twice to seed the card RNG and hit A to pull a card/stop the noise. if you want to pull multiple random cards, you don't need to shuffle again until after a hard reset of the console (or you start getting a lot of repeat cards).  hope this helps!