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Nicky Flowers

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i love the idea but unsure of how to implement it. looking into it though!

still haven't beaten this but i don't mind starting again after a game over because the art is simply gorgeous!! lovely little homebrew

a very sweet meditation on the tiny bits of life that we carry with us, even if no one else will after we're gone. "the texture of your thoughts"... this was nice

thank you so much :)

it was as fun to make as it feels to play honestly. i only hope i can capture this free-wheeling vibe in my future GB Studio projects

this genuinely made my day :)))

yay pattern editor! nice work

no worries! i think i'll just adjust the sleep function. i also have a less-than-perfect laptop so that's probably a factor. thanks for your hard work on this

been working on a little zine, having a blast doing so, Decker is the future, etc.  i'm testing it out as a playable thing on my itch page and i'm noticing it's like, wayyy slower than how it runs in native Decker. for example, on one card i have a 'sleep[]' function that lasts about 4 seconds longer than it should.

i have a lot of audio clips among everything else, which has made the size of my deck around 1MB. i'm wondering if that's large for a deck and if it could be part of the sluggishness. i dunno! maybe someone's got some optimization tips for me? anyway have a good one

ur a legend

hi jumping into the thread to say HELL YES to .MOD playback. i almost posted a new topic about it just now lol. i am loving Decker so much

sorry i'm only just seeing this!! i think this label is gorgeous and i'm so glad to have inspired you to make it :)

bewildering at first, weirdly satisfying after!

my high score is getting halfway through the 2nd screen. incredible

in a way? we all win

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sorry about the loud shuffling noise! there's no animation missing or bug with the audio. i'll level with you–i'm not very good at programming  yet and i mostly tested this on my DMG without headphones. it's not too bad that way. with headphones, i just turned down the audio since it's not that important to the program. i would recommend doing this (again, sorry, i know this is not ideal lol)

more info if u want: basically you only have tap the D-pad once or twice to seed the card RNG and hit A to pull a card/stop the noise. if you want to pull multiple random cards, you don't need to shuffle again until after a hard reset of the console (or you start getting a lot of repeat cards).  hope this helps!