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Nicky Flowers

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yay pattern editor! nice work

no worries! i think i'll just adjust the sleep function. i also have a less-than-perfect laptop so that's probably a factor. thanks for your hard work on this

been working on a little zine, having a blast doing so, Decker is the future, etc.  i'm testing it out as a playable thing on my itch page and i'm noticing it's like, wayyy slower than how it runs in native Decker. for example, on one card i have a 'sleep[]' function that lasts about 4 seconds longer than it should.

i have a lot of audio clips among everything else, which has made the size of my deck around 1MB. i'm wondering if that's large for a deck and if it could be part of the sluggishness. i dunno! maybe someone's got some optimization tips for me? anyway have a good one

ur a legend

hi jumping into the thread to say HELL YES to .MOD playback. i almost posted a new topic about it just now lol. i am loving Decker so much

sorry i'm only just seeing this!! i think this label is gorgeous and i'm so glad to have inspired you to make it :)

bewildering at first, weirdly satisfying after!

my high score is getting halfway through the 2nd screen. incredible

in a way? we all win

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sorry about the loud shuffling noise! there's no animation missing or bug with the audio. i'll level with you–i'm not very good at programming  yet and i mostly tested this on my DMG without headphones. it's not too bad that way. with headphones, i just turned down the audio since it's not that important to the program. i would recommend doing this (again, sorry, i know this is not ideal lol)

more info if u want: basically you only have tap the D-pad once or twice to seed the card RNG and hit A to pull a card/stop the noise. if you want to pull multiple random cards, you don't need to shuffle again until after a hard reset of the console (or you start getting a lot of repeat cards).  hope this helps!