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I ave played only a little of this game But I LOOOVVVEEE It! It popped my Romance VN cherry. I really would love to become a Patron but there was a time i tracked down every one of it's social media and I was convinced you had forgotten about it, i'm glad you came back! If you stay and are consistant, then I will become one because I simply love it that much but please if you come back.. stay and finish through the end! Because I neeeeeeeeed to meet the other guys already!


I have rebooted TT through the years indeed, but this time I'm staying :)

I have been working on it for two years now and have completed two routes (that's 200k words, 20 CGs + all other related art such as sprites and background). Currently in the middle of working on the third with an update every month!

Either way, I hope you'll play the free version that's coming out in January if you don't intend to pledge :D

I know the feeling. I have a book on wattpad I've been writing on and off for a couple of years and I spent all day on it today intending to finally finish it once and for all. and I'd love to play it in January! I can't wait!