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This was the perfect game to make a video of for Christmas Eve. Thank you Le'brokah -- er, something like that. The only issue that really bothered me was the mouse completely disappearing after the title screen. I couldn't find any way to use menus after the first, so I ended up restarting the game whenever I died. Also the UI existing in the world is kind of odd. I was able to clip it in to objects and it really started going crazy when I jumped off the world. Anyways, bless this game with an extra large sprite cranberry.  Keep up the fresh work!

Thanks! I fixed the bug in the latest update. Couldn't do it early because it would be against the Jam's rules.

That's understandable. I'd say keep making some fresh meme games but I dont want to imply that's all you can do. Keep up the great work!

I want to make a second version of spirte cranberry meme but I'm worried about legal  issues