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Hey! Just stumbled blindly into an ending (Ending D ) and I am... Confused, but I also wanted to say how much Im enjoying the game. I'm glad it's still super brutal and I'll have to do a new fan art too. = v =b

I encountered a little bug in the temple place that leads to Francois -- if you use the cube to change the time after you go through the door the nameless fellow is blocking, you're warped outside the map for some reason.

Also I can't figure out what to do with the scrolls, I've tried writing the "O LORD" things on them but nothing seems to happen, am I on the wrong track?

Lovely game 5 chopped cocks out of 5.

Hey thanks for the feedback! Great you're liking the game and I'll definitely look forward to fan art! :D If you got Ending D, it sounds like you still have new areas to find. Endings A and B require you to delve even deeper......

That bug is really weird, because it came up during the bug testing too, but I was never able to replicate the bug and that's why I never really understood what causes it. Does this happen no matter where you are on that map, or just in some specific spot?

Scrolls can be kinda tricky. You are definitely on the right tracks. The first line is always "O LORD", but second and third line make things happen. Maybe you've seen some books mentioning such passages in the game?