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Just completed the demo. It's pretty great, although my xbox one controller wasn't beeing detected for somewhat reason so I had to play using the mouse and keyboard. I dunno why but I started for feel queezy, might be because I'm using the mouse to move the camera and it's not in flow enough with the gameplay (I'm moving it too much I think). I love the style, sound, music, and gameplay. It feels simple enough to pick up and play but hard enough so when you do master it, it'll feel worth it rather than "oh i've mastered this game in 5 minutes". Looking forward to more from this. Hopefully my controller will work next time, and maybe even a console release would be cool if possible.

Oh? I'll try to debug that xbox one problem before release. Thank you for your kind words by the way! And yeah I'll try to get the project on consoles if I can! :D