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Love the mood, the dialogue, the rats, the everything. Esoteric and surreal gameplay is fun but became somewhat frustrating as I learned more about the game and developed specific goals. Would buy again but would suggest a bit more clarity, like an ability to spend items to go to a random event room? Spent an hour looking for a particular event room to trade for a key and found a key door instead. Pulled my hair out that I could've gone through if only I found the event room and spent my vast item fortunes to obtain keys. The unpredictable nature of the game means that I've pretty much memorized the rooms so the joy of discovery has faded considerably. The art style and the music compliment each other very well though and so I haven't grown tired of the setting, at least. Also I love how much I hate those deer things. Fantastic touch. Thanks for making and sharing your game!


Thank you! This is some good feedback! I'll take this stuff into consideration for when I make an update.