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Character creation is a lot of fun; I hope to run it with my group some day.

A few questions that came up:

  • Can an attribute be rerolled more than once by spending more than one takeback?
  • Any opinion on when exactly takebacks need to be spent? Specifically, do they need to be spent before moving on to another table? If my result from A-1 indicates a City Species, and I roll on C-1, may I then go back and flip my roll from A-1 to apply the same roll I had on C-1 to the new C table indicated by flipped roll from A-1? 
  • Perhaps an empty space on at the bottom of page two or three of the creation worksheet could be used to total up starting GOO-P pool? Sources include attributes, species, and anything else? 
  • Also for the creation worksheet, a column in the attribute adjustment table for Bonus GOO-P might also be useful.

Thanks for a fun system; we're looking forward to upcoming releases!

You're welcome! To answer your questions in order:

Yes, you can reroll more than once; that particular option doesn't interact with marked attributes.

Generally speaking, he character creation is designed to be all "in order", so if you settle on a result and decide not to spend, you can't take backsies. That being said, if your table is fine with you going backward and undoing that roll, it's likely not going to break anything, but I wanted to avoid having to track previous rolls or increasing choice anxiety in undoing past decisions.


Totally tubular; thanks!